[Zope-DB] Re: Simple database suggestions

Michal Kurowski michal at genesilico.pl
Mon May 3 21:22:56 EDT 2004

Charlie Clark [charlie at egenix.com] wrote:
> This is plain rubbish: relational modelling is a technique for solving 
> problems. It cannot be a question of overkill but of suitability. If the 
> application is suited to a relational model then by all means use it. For 
> lightweight work use a lightweight engine like Gadfly or SQLlite. 
> Alternatively, and this is one of the great strengths of Zope, use the ZODB 
> if an object model makes more sense for the specific problems.

Hmm, strong words.

I'd not overestimate the meaning of the term "relational modeling".
Are there many applications you build relying on "foreign keys"
semantics for example ?

Most often, the requirement for access to data is much more important.
But all this is becoming a bit offtopic ...

Michal Kurowski
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