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Charlie Clark charlie at egenix.com
Tue May 4 15:17:53 EDT 2004

Hi Shane,

while what Laura suggests will work I would suggest you don't use DTML.

You can call your ZSQL method from any other Zope object and iterate 
through the results as required.

A snippet should suffice to get you going.

<div tal:repeat="record here/testsqlmethod" 
<br tal:content="record/id">

Sign up to the Plone or ZPT list for more help

Good luck!

Charlie Clark

On 2004-05-04 at 20:54:50 [+0200], Laura McCord wrote:
> Just figured out how to get dtml methods to look like plone.
> In a page template you can call your dtml method like this:
> <div tal:content="structure here/your_dtml_method_here"></div>
> and as long as you have this at the top of your page template you will
> get what you need:
> <html metal:use-macro="here/main_template/macros/master"
> i18n:domain="upp">
> <div metal:fill-slot="main">
> .
> .
> .
> </div>
> </html>
> Let me know if you get it working,
>  Laura
Charlie Clark

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