[Zope-DB] writing a template to test if the sql worked

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Tue May 4 15:52:42 EDT 2004

Charlie Clark wrote:
> Hi Laura,
> get DTML and *all* HTML scripting stuff out of your head; I think they are 
> the causes of lots of problems.

Dont throw DTML. It is much faster than ZPT and some things could not be 
done in TAL without intensive python scripting.

Is much easier to understand zope principles and mechanisms with dtml.

> ZPTs are great because they encourage you to concentrate on your 
> presentation logic and break your procedural and data logic into external 
> components.

Gray theory, green live tree.

In fact, enterprise solutions uses page segments (adie ZPT things) and 
have many different caching strategy at one single page, see www.esi.org


Jaroslav Lukeš

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