OT Re: [Zope-DB] writing a template to test if the sql worked

Charlie Clark charlie at egenix.com
Tue May 4 16:17:31 EDT 2004

Wihtout wanting to start a war on the subject...

> Charlie Clark wrote:
> > Hi Laura,
> > 
> > get DTML and *all* HTML scripting stuff out of your head; I think they are
> > the causes of lots of problems.
> Dont throw DTML. It is much faster than ZPT and some things could not be
> done in TAL without intensive python scripting.

Don't optimise too early! SSI are even faster still so why not stick with 
those. There are ways of making ZPTs run much faster when necessary. And it 
is a real advantage to be forced to use Scripts when doing essentially 
scripting works.
> Is much easier to understand zope principles and mechanisms with dtml.

This doesn't detract from the problems of the awful syntax and the dangers of 
mixing procedural and declarative code. And that DTML and the Zope 2 model 
aren't the be all and end all is obvious by the very existence of Zope 3.
> > ZPTs are great because they encourage you to concentrate on your
> > presentation logic and break your procedural and data logic into external
> > components.
> Gray theory, green live tree.

Depends on the project. Most development work is *maintaining* (other 
people's) code. Good documentation, well-structured programming and effective 
separation of layers are essential for the long-term survival of a project.
> In fact, enterprise solutions uses page segments (adie ZPT things) and
> have many different caching strategy at one single page, see www.esi.org

Optimise when necessary and ESI is a good idea for heavy traffic, 
international sites and works with Zope. However, that won't be the majority 
of sites out there.

A well-thought out and developed Zope application can move smoothly from ZPTs 
and Scripts to ExternalMethods to a Product as functionality firms up and 
more speed is required. This is where Zope and Python in general really shine.


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