[Zope-DB] seeking example database application

William Herring william.herring at spgenetics.com
Wed May 5 08:42:06 EDT 2004

I've put this to the general list and the database list........

I would like to set up a zope/database interface (using Postgres 7.4) with
the following properties:
- multiple users each with their own id and password
- they will enter and access their own data
- any specific user will not be able to see another user's data
- the user will not manage his/her web-page

I have Zope 2.6 and Postgres 7.4 set up and working with each other.  Also,
have a few ideas on how to do this, but thought it would be easiest if there
were some similar examples out there to look at.   Any suggestions from
anyone, on anything that might be similar to the above task??

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