[Zope-DB] Giving the user the option to view certain fields in a query

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Thu May 6 11:05:25 EDT 2004

Hi Laura,

Laura McCord wrote:
> Is it at all possible to add checkboxes for each field of the select
> statement in a form? I want to allow my user to view the query anyway
> they want. So if the user only wants to see the username of the
> resulting query instead of all of the fields in the table they would
> check the username box. Is this possible? 

I'd be inclined to treat this as a formatting issue in your ZPT (Make 
certain columns display conditionally upon a form value?) - doing this 
in the SQL is messy!

However, it does sound as though you're looking for something closer to 
a general purpose report generator...a lot of work to write!




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