OT Re: [Zope-DB] writing a template to test if the sql worked

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon May 10 08:09:08 EDT 2004

Philip Kilner wrote:
> Generally I would agree - explicit better than implicit, and all that. 
> In this case, the need to make it generic is a factor.
> Do you mean *full* URL?

Yup, absolute_url is your friend ;-)

> I found a script calling a ZPT which called another script did my brain 
> in, both conceptually (it's inelegant), and practically (name space 
> issues - I'm a newbie at this, and it was soaking up too much of my time).

So don't have the ZPT call any scripts. Have the script which calls the ZPT do 
all the work and pass in the results as a dictionory which becomes available in 
the options name:

container.my_zpt(mything={'something':'something else'})

<tal:x replace="options/mything/something"/>



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