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Cliff Quinn cquinn at fishAbility.biz
Mon May 10 13:58:19 EDT 2004

On 10 May 2004 at 11:11, you wrote:

> So, since I am running Zope 2.7 I should use 
ZODB Mount Point? Is this a
> zope product or is it already installed?

Part of the base install. Edit the zope.conf, 
creating an example like the main storage that's 
already there. Note the 3 places that *must* be 
changed, though mount-point and path don't have 
to be the same.

<zodb_db CHANGE_THIS>
    # Leadership Frontiers FileStorage database
      path $INSTANCE/var/CHANGE_THIS.fs
    mount-point /CHANGE_THIS

Having changed this and restarted Zope, you can 
then add the ZODB mount point from the zmi. Make 
sure you don't have conflicts with the names. You 
also can't cut and paste stuff into these 
folders, you have to copy.

Good luck.

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