[Zope-DB] Passing a list to a ZSQL method?

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Tue May 18 20:37:22 EDT 2004

I have a table to insert records with arbitrary numbers of columns
into.  To achieve this, I'd like to pass the ZSQL method a list object
and construct the SQL statement like...

INSERT INTO my_table (
    <dtml-in params>
       param_<dtml-var sequence-item> <dtml-if expr="! sequence-end">,</dtml-if>
    ) VALUES (
       <dtml-sqlvar name="record_uid" type="int">,
    <dtml-in params>
       <dtml-var value> <dtml-if expr="! sequence-end">,</dtml-if>

Yet I'm getting a "Syntax Error at line 1" when I save this so I'm not
sure quite where I'm going wrong here...  ideas?

I've scoured the Zope documentation for any reference to how to pass a
list variable to a ZSQL function so am guessing this might be the first
problem - is it possible to do this?  If so, is there any special syntax
for doing that, or do you just pass the list object?


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