[Zope-DB] Error in ZMySQLDA, help me please...

antoniodelfin at ono.com antoniodelfin at ono.com
Sun May 23 06:31:55 EDT 2004


I'm new in the list, and I have a problem with ZMySQLDA, I've installed
zope 2.7.0, ZMySQLDA 2.08, MySQL-python-0.9.2 for python 2.3, and python
2.3 seemingly all goes in the right way and I could add a Z MySQL Database
connection, but when it try to connet gives me the next error:

   Error Type: AttributeError
   Error Value: server_capabilities

And if I go ti de error log I coud see this:
  Traceback (innermost last): 

     Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 100, in publish 
     Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 88, in mapply 
     Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 40, in call_object 
     Module Products.ZMySQLDA.DA, line 106, in manage_addZMySQLConnection

     Module Shared.DC.ZRDB.Connection, line 64, in __init__ 
     Module Shared.DC.ZRDB.Connection, line 97, in edit 
     Module Products.ZMySQLDA.DA, line 126, in connect 
     Module Products.ZMySQLDA.db, line 183, in __init__ 

   AttributeError: server_capabilities 

I saw looking In de mailing list that the problem is in the db.py code of
ZMySQLDA product. Could anybody help me please...? 

Thanks a lot for listen to me.

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