[Zope-DB] RFC: mxODBCZopeDA & ZEO

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue May 25 10:22:39 EDT 2004

Charlie Clark wrote:
> 1) each Zope Product has to be installed and possibly configured locally

Deployment of clusters is always "fun" ;-)

> 2) each DB has to be configured to accept connections from the various clients

See my previous comment ;-)

> 3) heterogeneous clients may in some circumstances confuse each other 
> configuration


> In the case of a DB connection object it is arguable that a single connection 
> object running a pool of connections probably to a DB cluster makes more 
> sense. Clients could be added at will without reconfiguration of the server. 

Depends where the load in your syustem is. If it's rendering that's killing the 
speed, multiple Zope instances running as clients on seperate hardware makes 
things much better...

But then again, I think I'm failing to understand the point you're trying to 
make :-S


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