[Zope-DB] OracleStorage bwahaha (was: mxODBCZopeDA & ZEO)

Bogdan M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at forbis.lt
Mon May 31 11:14:41 EDT 2004

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 04:02:33PM +0200, Martin Winkler wrote:
> "OracleStorage -bwahaha"? 
Not only "bwhahaha". Also LOL & ROTFL. :-)

> what is so bad about OracleStorage for ZODB?
Hell slow. Like Zope/Plone on P386-DX25 with small amount of RAM
(well, maybe a bit faster). You probably want use DirectoryStorage.

BTW: How knows what status of Berkeley Storage? Last I tried, its test 
cases failed for me for time to time.
Regards, Bogdan M. Maryniuk
Developer. Forbis UAB

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