[Zope-DB] optional argument, can it be an empty string

Kevin Gill Kevin.Gill at newaddress.ie
Fri Nov 5 14:49:35 EST 2004

I have a table with forty fields. I use a single Z SQL Method, from different places in my code, passing different parameters.

<params>AccountId ControlClientId:optional  Mobile:optional </params>

update MyAccount 
    <dtml-if ControlClientId>
        ControlClientId = <dtml-sqlvar ControlClientId type=int>,
    <dtml-if Mobile>
        Mobile = <dtml-sqlvar Mobile type=string>,
    accountid = <dtml-sqlvar accountid type=int>
    accountid = <dtml-sqlvar accountid type=int>

When I pass in an empty 'Mobile', the above code does not distinguish this from an empty string, and the database column is not updated.

Can I detect whether an string was passed in, even if it is empty?

Thanks in Advance

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