[Zope-DB] Re: DTML-sqlvar string error

Michal Kurowski mkur at poczta.gazeta.pl
Mon Nov 15 12:58:55 EST 2004

ilker imamoglu [ilkeri at hotmail.com] wrote:
> May be you can find this question as basic. But I cant understant what is 
> happened and why... I read books and search web but I couldnt reach 
> solution:
> I try to build something to get data form PostgreSQL via ZOPE...
> But when I used to stiring such as <dtml-sqlvar xbk_author type=string> I 
> got a message like
> Error Value: global name 'string' is not defined
> instead of this when I used like
> <dtml-var xbk_author>
> It runs... But this method is not good especially when you thing security. 
> Anyway...

Are you perfectly sure it is in zsql (and not in a plain dtml) ?

Michal Kurowski
<mkur at poczta.gazeta.pl>

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