[Zope-DB] sql method error control

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Nov 17 14:29:19 EST 2004

Aaron Fosdick wrote at 2004-11-16 10:36 -0800:
>This is as much a tal question as database, but hopefully someone has a 
>quick answer. It's prompted by msnbot crawling my site and not following 
>query parameters.

In principle, there are HTML meta tags that allow to control
spider. Not sure, whether the "msnbot" honours them...

> ...
>What is the best way to manage the error?

If the problem is only the bot: I would do nothing.
The bot should get a 5XX response and not index the page.

Otherwise, it depends (as always):

  *  when you can provide a meaningful default value, then do it:

     ... tal:define="param request/param | python:someDefault" ...

  *  when the page is meaningless without param, your can use
     a condition:

       <div tal:condition="exists: request/param">
          meaningful page
       <div tal:condition="not: exists: request/param">
         this request was not meaningful

	 You can do a redirect here, too, if you think this
	 is adequate.


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