[Zope-DB] Problem building DCOracle2 in AIX 5.1

Debojit Hazarika debojit.hazarika at db.com
Mon Nov 22 01:11:23 EST 2004

Hello Matt/Dieter,

Many thanks for your effort and help.

I was finally able to make it work. In fact i was able to make both DCOracle and DCOracle2 work for Oracle 9i

Somewhere in the mailing list i got the information that a DCOracle or DCOracle2 build for 8i should also work for 9i
apart from some additionals in 9i. ( http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-db/2003-October/002298.html )

This however put me to the right direction and hence i got a glance in the below information somewhere

Oracle 8 installs 32-bit libraries in $ORACLE_HOME/lib and 64-bit libraries in $ORACLE_HOME/lib64
Oracle 9i installs 64-bit libraries in $ORACLE_HOME/lib and 32-bit libraries in $ORACLE_HOME/lib32

This caused DCOracle2 to fail, since it was connecting to the 64-bit version of libclntsh.so instead of the
32-bit. libclntsh.so is the Oracle client library.

Based in this information i set my environment in the below way:


And...Bravo..It started working.....

Hence a DCOracle or DCOracle2 build for 8i works efficiently with 9i as well if the library path is set to point $ORACLE_HOME/lib32

Many thanks again,


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Matthew T. Kromer wrote at 2004-11-19 21:54 -0500:
>No, in this case, its just wierd AIX linker-isms.

But why happens this only for linking against Oracle 9
(and not for Oracle 8)?



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