[Zope-DB] Interested in continued Oracle support in Zope?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 04:31:20 EDT 2004

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>  From what I've heard, the "thin layer" is exactly where the problem
> lies with the Oracle interface: Oracle has a tendency to change their
> APIs rather often, adding new features, data types, etc. as they
> go along.
> As a result, you have to update the "thin layer" following
> their release scheme and maintain it for at least 3 or more
> different Oracle releases if you really want to provide a
> rock solid interface.
> Now multiply that with the need for 32-bit and 64-bit versions,
> support for 5 or 6 different Un*x platforms and the word "thin"
> gets a whole new meaning ;-)

Nice :-(

> I still don't quite understand the problems people have with
> investing a few grand for database connectivity in the light of
> average Oracle database server costs.

Because the Oracle server costs rarely come out of their budget ;-)
Oracle sells at the corporate level, so it's already there and "free" as 
far as many people who are using Zope or Python with it are concerned.

> I can only say from my own experience that the combination
> EasySoft Oracle ODBC driver + mxODBC works very well and
> let's you focus on more important things, like e.g. designing
> your database schema with consistency and query performance
> in mind.

...but doesn't that prevent you taking advantage of some/lots of 
Oracle's "cool" features that made people pick it in the first place?



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