[Zope-DB] ZSql Method problem (again)

ibrahim at euronia.it ibrahim at euronia.it
Wed Sep 8 11:54:25 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I will try to clarify the question.

I don't need to show these data but to import them to
zope. I have a ZsqlMethod called "SelezionaProdotti". I made
a little python script for the test that is the following

elencoProdotti = container.SelezionaProdotti()
conto = 0
for prodotto in elencoProdotti:
    conto = conto +1
print "totale = %d" % conto
return printed

what I get is "totale = 100".

I noticed tha if I go to the test page of the Zsqlmethod and I test the
sql (that will show 20 items a time) I can go on till 100 and I will not
see the "next 20 items" any more.

Thanks again
Ibrahim Khachab
Tel: +39-045-8202578 Fax: +39-045-507490  Cell:+39-348-1517395
Euronia S.r.l   Via Palazzina, 224 - 37134 -Verona Italy

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