[Zope-DB] ZSql Method problem

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Sep 8 16:14:06 EDT 2004

ibrahim at euronia.it wrote at 2004-9-8 16:36 +0200:
> ...
>I'm trying to use a ZSql method, in a python script, to get data from a database and I'm 
>having a problem since I'm getting only the first 100 rows of the my select statement 
>(the result shall be more that 12000 rows).

There is a "max rows" parameter in the "Advanced" tab
of your Z SQL Method. It limits the number of rows fetched
from the database.

Usually, its value is 1000. It is strange that it appears to be 100
for you.
Maybe, something else limits to 100?


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