[Zope-DB] Problems with DCOracle2, Zope 2.7.0 and Oracle Client 9.2.0

Dan Fairs monster at spiderplant.net
Fri Sep 17 10:48:14 EDT 2004


I'm trying to use DCOracle2 with Zope 2.7.0 using Oracle Client 9.2.0

When I create a connection to try to connect to the DB, I get the
following error on my terminal (from runzope):

OCIEnvCreate failed: dco2.c:1559

Now, we recently had to downgrade our Zope from 2.7.1 vintage to get away
from some issues we were having with Transience. The Oracle connection
worked fine with 2.7.1.

Does anyone know where to start looking with this problem? Or would you
recommend I try Zope 2.7.2 (if Zope.org stays up long enough for me to
grab a tarball ;P ) I'd rather not do that if possible, changing versions
of zope is something I like to minimise...


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