[Zope-DB] DCOralcle2 "Invalid connection string"

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Apr 6 16:03:59 EDT 2005

Federica Gomiero wrote at 2005-4-6 17:23 +0200:
> ...
> Invalid connection string:  user_name/password at server_name
>with this error.log:
>Traceback (innermost last):
> ...
>  Module Products.ZOracleDA.DCOracle2.DCOracle2, line 185, in connect
>BadRequest: <strong>Invalid connection string: </strong><CODE>xxxx/xxxx at xxx</CODE><br>
>(1818452338, 'e;\\oracore\\zoneinf')

Looks like "Oracle" does not think it were a valid connection string.

> ...
>If i create the connection without "Connect immediately", zope gives me then message:
> ...
>Site Error
>An error was encountered while publishing this resource.
>Error Type: EmergencyUserCannotOwn

Do not create objects (other than "UserFolder"s and users) as

Log in as EmergencyUser. Create a normal user
with "Manager" role. Close your browser, reopen
and log in as your newly created "Manager".

Note, that you have 2 independent problems:

  the wrong connection string and the login as the wrong user.

Finally, you have to fix both...


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