[Zope-DB] Null characters & booleans

Charlie Clark charlie at egenix.com
Fri Apr 8 05:06:38 EDT 2005

On 2005-04-08 at 10:44:59 [+0200], Andrew Veitch 
<andrew at logicalprogression.net> wrote:
> We'd be willing to provide patches for both these issues if there's
> interest and agreement it's a sensible way to go.

The most sensible thing is if the DA does not have to do the quoting at all 
and that this is either done by the underlying Python driver or better 
still by the database. This is significantly faster and safer.

If you use our mxODBCZopeDA as an ExternalMethod you can use bound 
parameters  (have your cake and eat it).

We started some work on a replacement last year after EuroPython and you 
can check the archives for our progress. My cycling accident interrupted 
work :-/ but I'm starting to look at using SimpleTemplates in conjunction 
with a considerably simplified DB.py which will do little more than call 
the .execute() on the connection.


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