[Zope-DB] Returning values from Oracle function/procedure with ZSQLMethod

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at euro.coig.pl
Fri Apr 8 14:27:48 EDT 2005


I'm using DCOracle2 to connect to Oracle databases, but I think
that moving to SQLRelay may be a good idea. I haven't tried it
yet but I wonder how to get any values returned from oracle function
and/or procedures using only ZSQLMethods?

I've made few tries with DCOracle to call functions from
ZSQLMethod and to return a value to calling python script,
but I wasn't successful with this. It was pretty simple in Sybase or
PostgreSQL but how to do this with oracle?

Suppose that I have database function: get_next_code() in database
that returns integer value. How my ZSQLMethod body should
look like to return value to Python script that called this
ZSQLMethod? I think it'll be same in DCOracle2 and in
ZSQLRelayDA. Am I wrong?

Another option is to get in/out parameters from procedures...
is this possible with ZSQLRelayDA?


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