[Zope-DB] Returning values from Oracle function/procedure withZSQLMethod

Matthew T. Kromer matt at bane.mi.org
Tue Apr 12 06:37:50 EDT 2005

Chris Withers's branch of DCOracle2 has some changes that help the 
connection pooling problem.

The issue basically is that the Zope adapter for DCOracle2 is fairly 
old and crusty.  I think Jim's correct when he suggests doing your own 
pool management from a module.

All that the DA is supposed to give you is a pool of connection objects 
and Zope transaction manager awareness.   There's a little more to it 
than that, but the Zope DA is so old -- it derives from a product that 
predates Zope 2.  It would probably be solved best by *jettisoning* 
Zope.Shared.RDBMS code, but...

I don't actively maintain the code base any more (I haven't for about 
18 months).  It isn't totally abandoned, but I don't work with Oracle 
at work any more, and so I don't have much of an itch to scratch to fix 
problems.  My home installs of Oracle have all gotten clobbered by 
entropy (read: re-installs of Linux to counter failed hardware).

You can also consider using e-Genix's mxODBC adapter.

On Apr 8, 2005, at 6:58 PM, Cynthia Kiser wrote:

> Quoting Jim Abramson <jabramson at wgen.net>:
>> In our experience we ended up needing to do increasingly complex
>> things with plsql, and ultimately, we had no choice to move all our
>> db access out into ExternalMethods or Products and use DCOracle2
>> directly.  This does require constructing your own connection
>> pool/management, but once you've built that you can leverage
>> DCOracle2 directly in python and this provides much more
>> flexibility.
> When you do our own connection management, are you able to avoid
> DCOracle2 leaking connections? In our Zope 2.6.1/DCOracle2-1.3b
> server, we accumulate sessions where Oracle is waiting for a response
> from Zope, but Zope apparently thinks it closed that connection and
> opened a new one. Manually closing and reopening the connection does
> not clean up the forgotten sessions, so I periodically (~monthly)
> restart the Zope server to clean up. Killing the Zope processes
> seems to finally signal Oracle (on a remote machine) that the client
> is no longer interested in those old open sessions.
> The smidge of testing I did with DCOracle2 from the command line left
> me with the impression that its connection closing function did not
> work. I could close a connection - and then still use it to talk to my
> database. I wasn't really sure enough of those tests to report this as
> a bug, but it is vaguely troubling.
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> Cynthia Kiser
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