[Zope-DB] How to migrate data.fs Linux => Windows => Linux?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 20:21:02 EDT 2005

[Marc Schnapp]
> I thought that I would back up my data.fs by copyting the entire Linux
> /var directory to a Windows machine with spare disk space and then
> creating a ZIP file on the Windows machine.
> There was a problem on the Linux machine, so I figured there'd be no
> problem by simply copying the data.fs (via a Samba share) back from
> Windows -> Linux.
> It seems that when Zope starts back up, it keeps attempting to deal with
> the "alien" database and then shuts down.

Any relevant log msgs?

> The Same Database File Works Perfectly With A Windows Plone/Zope
> Installation
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I installed a Windows version of Plone (with Zope of course) and that
> same data.fs file works just fine in the Windows environment.

The format of a FileStorage file is platform-independent.  There
should be no problem moving an .fs file between Windows and Linux

> Questions:
> ------------
> 1) Am I without hope of ever running the database under Linux again?

There's hope.

> 2) What is the reason that the database goes from Linux -> Windows OK
> but not in the other direction?

No way to tell from here.  When you make a copy from Windows -> Linux,
is it exactly the same size?  Have the same, e.g., md5 signature?  A
common problem when moving files between Linux and Windows is bumping
into _some_ layer that thinks it's doing you a favor by translating \n
<-> \r\n, and that's disastrous for binary files (which .fs files

>    Is there a technique I can use to tweak the database file or recover
> it so that it is Linux-friendly?

You shouldn't need to do anything.

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