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Thu Aug 18 12:49:57 EDT 2005

--On 18. August 2005 18:39:29 +0200 seb.champy at infonie.fr wrote:

> Bonjour,
> I'm new to zope/mysql. I succedeed in installing Zmsqlda/mysqldb (tested
> a "Z SQL method" referencing a "Z Mysql Database connection").
> For performance reasons, I want to use connection pooling.
> It seems that Zmsqlda/mysqldb implements this (in somme circumstances
> mysqladmin processlist shows multiple connections).
> What's the way to requesting a connection from an external method or from
> a python script and thus not having to open a new connection anytime the
> method is run ? Can someone provide me a code sample ?

You don't have to deal with connections directly. You write your SQL code 
using ZSQL methods with are bound to a DA by ID. You call the ZSQL methods 
and don't have to care about connection issues. Everything is handled under 
the hood automatically for you.


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