[Zope-DB] displaying more than one db row across the screen

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Fri Aug 19 01:00:00 EDT 2005

--On 19. August 2005 12:45:13 +1000 John Haley 
<johnhaley at atrium-online.com.au> wrote:

> G'Day Guys I'm new at this
> I have a need to put more than the contents of a single db row across the
> page on a report. I know each iteration or delivery of a row from a
> dtml-in only allows me to display the contents of the that row and then
> moves to the next line. I want to put the contents of two rows on the one
> line. Would I do it with arrays and build the array in the dtml-in and
> display the contents of the array after the /dtml-in?    If so how?

Prepare your data to be displayed outside DTML inside a Python Script the 
way you need it. PythonScripts give you more choices than DTML. Then use 
the standard DTML-in to display your prepared data from the PythonScript.


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