[Zope-DB] Re: How to call a zsql method with NOT a parameter

Axel Straschil axel at straschil.com
Wed Feb 2 02:54:57 EST 2005


>>> In principle, parameters to ZSQL Methods can take default values.
>>> They somehow look like "parameter=value".
>>If I don't want a parameter to be used in an dtml-sqlgroup section, an
>>default woul'd not help ;-)
> Again: the code (of "sqltest optional") suggests that an empty string (!)
> as value (however this value was obtained: explicit passing or default
> value) is interpreted as "no value specified" *unless* "type=string".

Maybe we should close that thread, it's getting out of control ;-)
For me, my question is answered now, and I see zsql more clearly now,
thanks to you and everybody in the group.

A last word why I don't won't pass parameter='': What if my parameter is
INT? For me, its natural to signal a none-existing-parameter with None,
not with '', but we discused that in the thread bevore.

My conclusion: Acquisition can be your greatest friend and save you a
lot of time, or it can be a bloody beast, depends ;-)


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