[Zope-DB] Stuck Installing Zope-MySQL Adapters

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Thu Feb 3 13:01:22 EST 2005

Could someone give me (or point me to) some help in getting Zope and MySQL
to work together?  I think I'm stuck on things that are so elementary that
no one has thought to put them in the documentation.

Both My Zope (2.7.3-0, python 2.3.4, win32) and MySQL (4.1.9-Win32) have
been installed and run fine on my Win XP Home system.  Following the
instructions in the RDB chapter of the Zope Book, I have downloaded
ZMySQLDA-2.0.8.tar.gz and MySQL-python-0.9.0.tar.gz.  

The ZMySQLDA installations instructions are: "Installation: Unpack the
tarball in your Zope home, make sure you have MySQLdb-0.9.0 installed where
Zope can find it, and restart Zope."  This raises a few problems:

1.  I don't know where my "Zope home" is.  On my Win file system, there is
the C:\Program Files\Zope2.7.3-0 folder, where I guess the Zope executables
reside, and C:\Zope-Instance.  I'm guessing the latter or one of its
subfolders is the Zope Home, but I don't know, so I don't know where to
unzip the tarball to.

2. I don't know where to unpack MySQLdb-0.9.0 so that "Zope can find it".

3. I don't know how to "install" either of these things, other than
unzipping them into appropriate places.  Somewhere in the READMEs there are
ominous references to "compiling" this stuff, and needing a C compiler to do
it.  I'm beginning to think you have to be a C programmer to use Zope+MySQL,
and I don't really have the time to become one.

4. From within the Zope Manager, I can't find any evidence that Zope has
found any of this stuff, or any hints of what to do to get on with
connecting to MySQL.  However, maybe this is because I don't know where to
look within the Zope Manager: in the Control Panel? the Products page? the
"Add" dropdown list?

- Thanks in advance for your help!
- Ken

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