[Zope-DB] Stuck Installing Zope-MySQL Adapters

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Fri Feb 4 14:46:56 EST 2005

Chris - 

Thanks for your prompt help.  I've made progress, I think, but not there
yet.  See latest war story interspersed below.

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> Ken Winter wrote:
> > 1.  I don't know where my "Zope home" is.  On my Win file system, there
> is
> > the C:\Program Files\Zope2.7.3-0 folder, where I guess the Zope
> executables
> > reside, and C:\Zope-Instance.  I'm guessing the latter or one of its
> > subfolders is the Zope Home, but I don't know, so I don't know where to
> > unzip the tarball to.
> You should unpack things such that you haev a ZMySQLDA folder in
> C:\Zope-Instance\Products

> > 2. I don't know where to unpack MySQLdb-0.9.0 so that "Zope can find
> it".
> You probably need the Windows installer. Andy hasn't made one (and I
> haven't had time to help him make one :-S) of these for the latest
> releases, so you may get an error once you've got further, which I
> posted a patch for ages ago (the error was to do with
> server_capabilities, google is your friend)

Um, I'm not sure if you're telling me to do something here, so I'll go on to
the next step...
> It gets more tricky, 'cos you'll need to install "normal" python from
> python.org, 'cos the windows installer won't find the python that comes
> with Zope :-(

> Anyway, once it's installed in the "normal" python, 

Ooop!  Here's where I think I missed something.  How did it get "installed
in the "normal" python"?  Well, I'll try this:

1. Unzipped the MySQL-Python stuff so that the MySQL-Python-0.9.0 folder is
in c:\Python24\Lib\Site-packages\.

2. Now what?  I guess I have to do something to install it, otherwise you
wouldn't have told me to use normal Python... Maybe I'm supposed to run
setup.py in the MySQL-Python package, but - duh, I don't know how to run a
Python script!  And after reading the Python interpreter's Help and also the
tutorial, I still don't, and my attempts to guess the syntax have failed,
and anyway I don't even know if this is what I'm supposed to do, so I'm
going to go on to the next steps and try to bully my way through.

> create empty folders
> such that you can go to:
> C:\Zope-Instance\lib\python

> Now, copy everything (folders and files) that have 'mysql' in its name
> from (likely) C:\Python23\lib\site-packages\  to
> C:\Zope-Instance\lib\python.

Done.  I just copied folder MySQL-Python-0.9.0 and all its contents here.
> Restart Zope.

Oh, my.  Now Zope won't restart at all.  That is, ever since I hit restart
in the ZMI control panel, I get a "Cannot find server or DNS error" every
time.  This continues even after I restart my browser, and even after I
restart my machine.  Moving those new files out of their proper folders
enables Zope to restart OK, and moving them back in disables it again, so
clearly it is trying at startup to digest these new files, failing, and

So: Can you advise on what I should have done back at those tricky points?

Thanks again!

- Ken

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