[Zope-DB] connecting remote oracle server to zope

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Sun Feb 6 17:27:01 EST 2005

prabuddha ray wrote:
>  This a urgent request to all the experts there that i have to connect 
> my Zope server running on a SuSE linux machine to a oracle server in My 
> Lan .please tell me the procedure or any place where i'll find help 
> regarding this.
> I'm doing a Govt project in National informatics Center wherein i've to 
> build a Web Content management system for the stores department for the 
> whole state.


you need to install the Oracle client on the machine you are using to 
run your Zope. In an other letter you say that you are running Suse 
Linux on a Mac. I am not at all certain that this combination is going 
to work. As far as I know, Oracle had Mac OS 7 drivers for Oracle 7.x or 
something like that. Then nothing until the MacOS X Oracle client for 
Oracle 10.

If you are running Linux, I believe that you need to run it on x86 or 
compatible machine.

There are excellent HowTos onhow to install oracle servers and clients 
on RedHat x86 on this site http://www.puschitz.com/.

Once you have installed the Oracle stuff, then you can use DCOracle2.

However, for running on a Mac, anything else than MacOS X is, as far as 
I know, impossible.

I am not sure this helps you at all, but this is the info I have.


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