[Zope-DB] Stuck Installing Zope-MySQL Adapters

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Feb 7 05:42:42 EST 2005

Ken Winter wrote:
>>>2. I don't know where to unpack MySQLdb-0.9.0 so that "Zope can find
>>You probably need the Windows installer. Andy hasn't made one (and I
>>haven't had time to help him make one :-S) of these for the latest
>>releases, so you may get an error once you've got further, which I
>>posted a patch for ages ago (the error was to do with
>>server_capabilities, google is your friend)
> Um, I'm not sure if you're telling me to do something here, so I'll go on to
> the next step...

I'm telling you that when you get an error about server_capabolities, 
google for the patch I posted and apply it ;-)

>>Anyway, once it's installed in the "normal" python, 
> Ooop!  Here's where I think I missed something.  How did it get "installed
> in the "normal" python"?  Well, I'll try this:
> 1. Unzipped the MySQL-Python stuff so that the MySQL-Python-0.9.0 folder is
> in c:\Python24\Lib\Site-packages\.

No, not Python 2.4, you need python 2.3.
You want to download a .exe of mysql-python, and it'll run like a normal 
windows installer...
If you have to "unzip" anything, you have the wrong package.

>>Now, copy everything (folders and files) that have 'mysql' in its name
>>from (likely) C:\Python23\lib\site-packages\  to
> Done.  I just copied folder MySQL-Python-0.9.0 and all its contents here.

Well, undo it, it's pointless doing this unless you installed the 
windows binary installer for python 2.3

> Oh, my.  Now Zope won't restart at all.  That is, ever since I hit restart
> in the ZMI control panel, I get a "Cannot find server or DNS error" every
> time.

Did you install Zope as a service? You did? Well, that was silly ;-)
Uninstall Zope, install it notas-as-a-service, and use 
C:\Zope-Instance\bin\runzope.bat to start it in a DOS box.

That way, you'll be able to see whatever error message Zope is trying to 
give you, rather than having it swallowed by the windows service gubbins.


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