[Zope-DB] Still prob connecting remote oracle server to zope

prabuddha ray buddha_2001 at rediffmail.com
Tue Feb 8 01:29:25 EST 2005

Sir ,

       I checked using ur  instructions to check whether i've my 
oracle client and found out dat:
1. i dont actually hav any oracle client n hav been connecting the 
remote oracle server using telnet only.
2. There is no freely downloadable oracle client s/w for SuSE 

As n alternative I tried to connect it by creating a PHPgateway in 
Zope but its giving me the following error when i click the view 
tab of Zope in my PHPgateway instance .

'/srv/www/htdocs' may not be a PHP-CGI program. The result from
the program is empty(0 byte).

whereas that is my apache docroot for sure.

plz help me with both these probs.

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