(forw) Re: [Zope-DB] Still prob connecting remote oracle server to zope

Cynthia Kiser cnk+zope at caltech.edu
Tue Feb 8 12:22:23 EST 2005

Quoting prabuddha  ray <buddha_2001 at rediffmail.com>:
>       I checked using ur  instructions to check whether i've my 
> oracle client and found out dat:
> 1. i dont actually hav any oracle client n hav been connecting the 
> remote oracle server using telnet only.
> 2. There is no freely downloadable oracle client s/w for SuSE 
> linux.

In the scrictest sense, Oracle is never free for commercial use - but
you can always download the software from the downloads section of
Oracle.com because they have a "free for development" policy. You will
either need to adapt the install instructions for RedHat from
http://www.puschitz.com/ or Google turns up the useful looking link:

> As n alternative I tried to connect it by creating a PHPgateway

I don't see how this would help but feel free to experiment. 

If you can't/won't install the Oracle client, I would second the
recent post suggesting you try mxODBC. 

Does ODBC go through the TNS Listener? If so, make sure that you are
able to see the listening port on your Oracle database from the server
on which you are running Zope. 1) Go to the Oracle database machine
and type 'lsnrctl status' and look for the connection string -
something like 

Connecting to

1521 is the standard port, but you could have something else. 

Then 2) make sure that you can see that port from your SuSE box 
(nmap -v xxx.domain.edu)

Cynthia Kiser

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