[Zope-DB] Stuck Installing Zope-MySQL Adapters

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Tue Feb 8 13:41:44 EST 2005

Chris et al -

Tantalizingly close, perhaps, but still not there.  Here's the play-by-play,
though you may want to skip down to the end, where the only new info

Help, yet again?

- Thanx, Ken

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> From: Chris Withers [mailto:chris at simplistix.co.uk]
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> Subject: Re: [Zope-DB] Stuck Installing Zope-MySQL Adapters
> Ken Winter wrote:
> >>>2. I don't know where to unpack MySQLdb-0.9.0 so that "Zope can find
> >>it".
> >>
> >>You probably need the Windows installer. Andy hasn't made one (and I
> >>haven't had time to help him make one :-S) of these for the latest
> >>releases, so you may get an error once you've got further, which I
> >>posted a patch for ages ago (the error was to do with
> >>server_capabilities, google is your friend)
> >
> > Um, I'm not sure if you're telling me to do something here, so I'll go
> on to
> > the next step...
> I'm telling you that when you get an error about server_capabolities,
> google for the patch I posted and apply it ;-)

My friend Google and I are unable to find the actual patch, those we found
various messages about it.  Could you offer a bit more of a clue as to where
to look?  Later note: Never mind; this does not seem to be the error.
> >>Anyway, once it's installed in the "normal" python,
> >
> > Ooop!  Here's where I think I missed something.  How did it get
> "installed
> > in the "normal" python"?  Well, I'll try this:
> >
> > 1. Unzipped the MySQL-Python stuff so that the MySQL-Python-0.9.0 folder
> is
> > in c:\Python24\Lib\Site-packages\.
> No, not Python 2.4, you need python 2.3.

Done.  Downloaded, installed, and compiled Python 2.3.4.

> You want to download a .exe of mysql-python, and it'll run like a normal
> windows installer...

Done.  Downloading MySQL-python.exe-1.0.0.win32-my4.1-py2.3.exe, as that's
the .exe that best matches my various versions.  That installed just fine.

> If you have to "unzip" anything, you have the wrong package.
> >>Now, copy everything (folders and files) that have 'mysql' in its name
> >>from (likely) C:\Python23\lib\site-packages\  to
> >>C:\Zope-Instance\lib\python.

> >
> > Done.  I just copied folder MySQL-Python-0.9.0 and all its contents
> here.
> Well, undo it, it's pointless doing this unless you installed the
> windows binary installer for python 2.3


So, now:

I try to (re)start Zope, and... it hangs again.  A few experiments show that
it starts OK if only the MySQLdb stuff is in place; it's when I put the
ZMySQLDA stuff in the Products folder that it gets stuck.

All useful error output was, as you surmised, eaten by the Windows gubbins.
The windows event log only tells me the process "died unexpectedly", and the
Zope logs are even less useful.

> Did you install Zope as a service? You did? Well, that was silly ;-)
> Uninstall Zope, install it notas-as-a-service, and use
> C:\Zope-Instance\bin\runzope.bat to start it in a DOS box.

> That way, you'll be able to see whatever error message Zope is trying to
> give you, rather than having it swallowed by the windows service gubbins.

Done.  The error message that the W-Gubbins swallowed was: 

"ImportError: No Module named _mysql"  

The last call was to "ZMySQLDA\db.py, line 89, in ? import _mysql"  

There's a whole traceback stack that I can transcribe to you, if needed.

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