[Zope-DB] prblem with insert attachment into database

ah_new ah_new at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 03:35:04 EST 2005


I now facing problem with insert of attachment file
into MySQL database from a Zope page. I think the
insertion sql in Zope is causes the problem. The table
can accept data (attachment) when I had try to insert
attachment from the command prompt into MySQL. I
already have no idea to fix the problem after googling
on this topic for several days. I very hope that you
all can guide me to overcome the problem. 
The SQL that I write in Zope:

insert into email 
       <dtml-sqlvar name="email" type="string">,
       <dtml-sqlvar name="subject" type="string">,
       <dtml-sqlvar name="text" type="string">,
       <field name="attach" type="stream">
          <sql name="attach" type="blob"
dirty="ignore" />

 * the 1st column of the table is

Sorry, if I am post this message to the wrong place.
Many Thanks.

ah new 

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