[Zope-DB] DCOracle2 and ConnectionReleasedError

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Tue Jul 19 10:30:32 EDT 2005

 > Well, you're doing well on the debug front with the print
 > statements, but make sure you watch those times,
 > threading means the time something prints isn't necessarilly
 > the time something ran ;-)
Good to know :)

 > If it was me, I'd drop down to one thread and see if you
 > can reproduce. If not, and I suspect that will be the case,
 > try 2 threads. Still no errors, try 3 and so on.
 > ...then try and figure out what's causing it to fail and see
 > if you can come up with an artificial test case.

 > I'm sorry I can't help more :-S I really want to maintain
 > DCOracle2 but simply have no time. Matt Kromer can
 > help with C-level bugs, but all the current problems are
 > with the Python database adapter for Zope.
Thanks for your reply. Maybe I'll try to look at this if I'll
have enough time.

 > I was hoping that my current big project would need this,
 > but it turns out it's easier just to wait until the underlying
 > database gets moved onto MS SQL Server and then
 > just use eGenix's excellent ODBC adapter.
 > You may even want to see if you can use that to connect
 > to Oracle, they think you can ;-)
We're using mxODBC to connect to Sybase and it
works perfectly, but the problem was with Oracle and it's
stored procedures and input/output variables.

Now we are trying SQLRelay. I've changed SQLRelayDA to
return values just like DCOracle and I've created simple product
that allows to call stored Oracle procedures/functions from Zope
and these SP objects returns values from output variables just like
DCOracle2 does, so maybe it will be possible even to
simply switch from DCOracle to SQLRelay with one click
(one script) :) Simple test says that SQLRelay is faster than
DCOracle2 but it may depend from result size.

This kind of product (SP) may be created for mxODBC
too but it'll not be possible to simply exchange DCOracle
because AFAIR mxODBC supports only cursor binds
from Oracle or something like this.

If somebody is interested in switching from DCOracle2
to SQLRelay, and in my SQLRelaySP
(stored procedures product) please tell me. It is very
first version but any opinions tests etc. should be interesting.

 > Anyway, good luck, I'm afraid you're going to need it!
Thanks :)

Maciej Wisniowski

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