[Zope-DB] Problem Adding Plone Users (PostgreSQL/APE)

Winn, Steven J swinn at kingworld.com
Thu Jul 28 14:15:31 EDT 2005

Hi Everyone,

I am running Plone using a PostgreSQL database and it works fine with the
exception of adding new users.  When I attempt to add a user from the Plone
Configuration page, I get the following error:

This site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors
Error Type 
Error Message 
Unable to pickle the '_members' attribute, , of at '17'. Cannot pickle
Request made at 
2005/07/23 14:27:38.481 GMT-4 

I cannot find anything in the database log and I am able to add documents
and files to the site with no problems.  I have made no modifications to
Zope or Plone.

The following software versions apply:
PostgreSQL 7.4.8
Plone 2.0.5
Zope 2.7.4
Python 2.3.4
Ape 1.0
Linux Fedora Core 3

Thanks in advance,

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