[Zope-DB] Using relative paths doesn't seem to work as i thought

tomatbiz-tominfo at yahoo.co.uk tomatbiz-tominfo at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 29 07:21:35 EDT 2005

Using relative paths doesn't seem to work as i
For example :
I have a Plone site "Plone"
Under that i have a folder object named "Sales"
In Sales i have a Page Template object named
I also put an "index_html" file object inside Sales
I thought that the href inside index_html linking to
SalesPage to the same folder would be "./SalesPage".
This works fine from inside the ZMI witch gives me
The problem is when i try to see the page from outside
ZMI witch gives me "http://localhost/SalesPage".

So i had to change the href to "./Sales/SalesPage"
This one gives
inside ZMI and
"http://localhost/Plone/Sales/SalesPage" outside the
The funny thing is that they both work and give the
page i wantto see but i thing
sould not work since i do not have any
"/Plone/Sales/Sales" Folder object.

I use Zope 2.7.0 on Windows XP Pro and i have
installed Hotfix_20040714
Could anyone help me on this?
How sould i reffer to current folder instead of "."
from an html inside this folder?

Thanks in advance.


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