[Zope-DB] Problem Adding Plone Users (PostgreSQL/APE)

Winn, Steven J swinn at kingworld.com
Fri Jul 29 15:41:49 EDT 2005

Hi Dieter,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm not a Python programmer but will keep
plugging away at it.  In the meantime, maybe someone can make some quick
sense out of this traceback and give me a suggestion. 

Thanks again.

2005-07-23T14:27:38 ERROR(200) SiteError
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/Zope/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py", line 107, in publish
  File "/opt/Zope/lib/python/Zope/App/startup.py", line 222, in commit
  File "/opt/Zope/lib/python/ZODB/Transaction.py", line 241, in commit
    ncommitted += self._commit_objects(objects)
  File "/opt/Zope/lib/python/ZODB/Transaction.py", line 356, in
    jar.commit(o, self)
  File "/opt/Zope/data/Products/Ape/lib/apelib/zodb3/connection.py", line
263, in commit
    event, classification, state = osio.serialize(oid, obj)
  File "/opt/Zope/data/Products/Ape/lib/apelib/core/io.py", line 152, in
    state = mapper.serializer.serialize(event)
  File "/opt/Zope/data/Products/Ape/lib/apelib/core/serializers.py", line
108, in serialize
    state = s.serialize(event)
  File "/opt/Zope/data/Products/Ape/lib/apelib/zodb3/serializers.py", line
256, in serialize
    raise RuntimeError(
RuntimeError: Unable to pickle the '_members' attribute, <OOBTree object at
0xb094ddb0>, of <MemberDataTool at portal_memberdata> at '17'.  Cannot
pickle <extension class Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper at 1753a0>

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Winn, Steven J wrote at 2005-7-28 14:15 -0400:
>I am running Plone using a PostgreSQL database and it works fine with the
>exception of adding new users.  When I attempt to add a user from the Plone
>Configuration page, I get the following error:
>This site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors
>Error Type 
>Error Message 
>Unable to pickle the '_members' attribute, , of at '17'. Cannot pickle
>Request made at 
>2005/07/23 14:27:38.481 GMT-4 

When you get errors, you should look at the traceback!

The traceback will tell you where (in the code) the exception
is raised.

I would catch the exception and analyse the content of the failing
attribute (to find out what precisely is not picklable).

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