[Zope-DB] Accessing the MySQL data dictionary

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Wed Jun 1 16:50:49 EDT 2005

I couldn't try the nicest way, because I don't know the names of the data
dictionary tables & columns.  

Also, I'm not sure if a SQL SELECT would reference them in the same way as
one references an ordinary data table.  E.g. if the MySQL meta-table that
stores all the user-defined tables were named "all_tables", would the SELECT
statement be simply: "SELECT * FROM all_tables"?  Or is some sort of prefix
or modifier or something needed to denote these special tables?

Any help on these names and references?

- Ken

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> Ken Winter wrote at 2005-5-31 21:21 -0400:
> > ...
> >The nicest way would be to just do SQL SELECTs against the data
> dictionary
> >tables.
> What happened when you tried the nicest way? ;-)
> --
> Dieter

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