[Zope-DB] Weird String Property Length Problem

Kevin Jones ktmi at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 3 18:30:03 EST 2005

Greetings (and thanks for all the help in the past...)!

Here's the problem I've run into (Zope 2.6):
1.  I use web forms to allow an employee to add a personal page 
to a group site.

2.  One of the forms is for a short biography.  This biography 
"string" will become a property of a the employee's folder.

3.  All works well *until* the employee decides to change their 
info (all properties of their folder) with another web form.  I 
discovered that if their biography string is too long, the 
"Submit" button to change their info does not work.

Isn't that odd?  I thought the string property of an object could 
be much longer than that.  This particular employee's string is 
greater than 300 words of text.

Any help greatly appreciated-- I looked in Zope books and on the 
web, but couldn't find the magic answer.  I would prefer not to 
ask my employees to count their words and keep it to a minimum.

Thanks in advance!!


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