[Zope-DB] Rollback on sucess?

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Tue Mar 8 08:57:25 EST 2005

On Mar 8, 2005, at 7:05 AM, Nicholas Avenell wrote:

> I've got a page in zope that executes a few queries into a mysql db. 
> The version of MySQL we are using does support transactions, but our 
> table doesn't. This means that "Rollback" commands will throw up a 
> NotSupported exception, and this is exactly what it's doing. I've run 
> a tcpdump of all the queries it's executing, and they all return 
> success, yet at the very end something is requesting a rollback.

	In your database connection definition, make sure that the name of the 
database in the "Database Connection String" field is prefixed by a "-" 
(minus sign).

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