[Zope-DB] showing mysql results in plone

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Tue Mar 15 12:25:37 EST 2005

I think your <body> tag should be after the <div metal: "Main"> line...


<body tal:define="results " bla bla bla...
(at least that)
Sent you an email off-list...



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  Subject: [Zope-DB] showing mysql results in plone

  Sorry for the cross-post, I'm not getting any help from Plone-Users and I'm really stuck.

  hi all,

  I have a zpt for a zsql query that, when I view it, looks like a plone document,  I'm trying to figure out how to either add it to a folder on my plone site or paste it into a plone document so that the query results are displayed.

  The code for the zpt (in portal_skins/custom) is:
  <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en"


  <div metal:fill-slot="main">

     <span tal:define="results  here/databases_alpha_mysql;
                      start request/start|python:0;
                      batch python:modules['ZTUtils'].Batch(results, 
                      previous python:batch.previous;
                      next python:batch.next">

    <h1>Online Databases at the Neumann College Library</h1>
    <h4>Alphabetical by Database Name | <a href="db_subject_html" name="db subject list">Databases by Subject</h4> 
      <a tal:condition="previous"
         tal:attributes="href string:${request/URL0}?start:int=${previous/first}"
         href="previous_url">previous <span tal:replace="previous/length">20</span> results</a>
      <a tal:condition="next"
         tal:attributes="href string:${request/URL0}?start:int=${next/first}"
         href="next_url">next <span tal:replace="next/length">20</span> results</a>

    <div tal:repeat="result batch" >
            <dt><a href="#" tal:attributes="href result/db_url;
                             title result/db_name"><span tal:replace="result/db_name">db_name goes here</span></a></dt>
            <dd><span tal:replace="result/db_description">db_description goes here</span></dd>
           <br />


  I've tried pasting that into the body of a new document but the results don't replace the placeholders.  When I view the page I get:

  Online Databases at the Neumann College Library
  Alphabetical by Database Name | Databases by Subject
  previous 20 results next 20 results 

    db_name goes here 
    db_description goes here

  previous 20 results next 20 results 

  Any help will be appreciated.

  Larry Milliken
  Reference Librarian
  Neumann College Library

  Larry Milliken
  Reference Librarian
  Neumann College Library


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