[Zope-DB] External methods and zope objects

Charlie Clark charlie at egenix.com
Thu Mar 24 07:48:21 EST 2005

On 2005-03-24 at 03:22:00 [+0100], srikanth <srikanth.m at monsterfirst.com> 
> Hi clark,
>   Thanks for answering my doubt. Sorry I am new to zope, so I am lost
> here and there. I will definitely go through the zope book once again.
> As I am now working in an real environment reading the book now would
> probably give me more idea of the zope structure.
> I followed the code u gave me to display my result set by item position
> rather than name.
> <div tal:repeat="item here/myExternalMethod" tal:content="item/1">
> </div>
> but I am getting a small error. It says
> Error Type: TypeError
> Error Value: tuple indices must be integers
> Could you plz help me with this ta.
> Once again tx for u r time and patience.


if you want help on these things then you should at least keep Netiquette: 
keep postings on list and avoid puerile abbreviations.

We cannot help you with this without knowing what your ExternalMethod 
returns. So either give us the source or an example result set. Why are you 
using an ExternalMethod rather than a ZSQL-Method?


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