[Zope-DB] ZODB/ZEO question.

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Mar 28 02:46:29 EST 2005

Willadsens wrote:
> 1) For single-server multi-client ZODB using ZEO, is one server process 
> per client required? I have an XP and a Fedora ZEO client. When one 
> connects to the server, the other gets kicked off, no matter which one 
> is currently connected.

Show us yout evidence that this is happening ;-)
A single storage server can be connected to from multiple clients 

> 2) I occasionally notice an exception which breaks the connection on the 
> client side. I will monitor it more closely and send the exception and 
> stack trace to this list. But is this a known problem?

Maybe if you actually told us what the exception was and gave us a trace 
back we'd have a clue ;-)


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