[Zope-DB] dumb INSERT Question

Michael Schwartz mike at ziacom.us
Sun May 1 20:29:53 EDT 2005

I have a Z SQL method that looks like this:

Arguments: userId, roleId

     (<dtml-sqlvar userId type="int">,
      <dtml-sqlvar roleId type="int">)

I test the method:
      UserId  14
      RoleId  12

I get back:

Error, exceptions.ValueError: Missing input variable, userId
SQL used:   Could not render the query template!

This is a form generated by Zope... how could it be missing the userId

What am I doing wrong? Does it have something to do with the "int"
data type? I am comparing it vs. a working INSERT, and everything
looks the same.

TIA!!! I'm going crazy looking at for errors!

- Mike

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