[Zope-DB] Calling a Z SQL method using a previous returned values

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue May 17 13:55:05 EDT 2005

Jason Walsh wrote at 2005-5-17 14:57 +0100:
>I have the following ZPT code
><span tal:repeat="rowos here/sqlMethod1">
>  <tr tal:repeat="row python:here.sqlMethod2(id = rowos/os_id)">
>    <td><tal:content="row/os_name"></td>
>  </tr>
>What I want to do is use the results from the first sqlMethod as a parameter
>to the second to get a string that should be displayed.  The problem is that
>it says it does not know the variable os_id which is in the table that the
>first sql method called.

Maybe, you should try "rowos.os_id"?


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