[Zope-DB] key error on query variable in previous and next batches

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Thu May 19 08:13:49 EDT 2005

--On Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2005 14:07 Uhr +0200 Henk Laloli 
<Henk.Laloli at niwi.knaw.nl> wrote:

> Inside the code generated by the zope search interface dtml result page
> a batch variable 'query' is used in Zope 2.7.6. This gives a key error
> when having next and previous batches. It also seems to be used in the
> ZSQL methods query template because the same error occurs there when
> having more than 20 results (the batch value).  Does anybody know about
> this? In the dtml template it is easy to change, but I can't do much
> about the ZSQL template.

Fixed in Zope 2.7.7.

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