[Zope-DB] DCoracle2 - truncates UTF-8 string with national characters

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon May 23 14:19:15 EDT 2005

Maciej Wi-Bśniowski wrote at 2005-5-23 14:54 +0200:-A
>We're using DCOracle2 with Zope. On the client machine I've
>NLS_LANG = polish_poland.UTF8.
>The problem appears when I'have 30 characters long column in database,
>and the text stored in this column contains national characters and is full
>length (30 characters).

Are you sure that this is a DCOracle2 problem and not a database problem?

UTF-8 may need 5 times more bytes then the character length.

Both DCOracle2 and Oracle may get this wrong.


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